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Journal Serie A Matemáticas (RACSAM)
From the Editor

On March 7, 2001, the Exact Section of the Royal Academy of Sciences of Madrid (Spain), agreed to create a new series, the Serie A: Matemáticas, of the Review of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences (abbreviated as RACSAM). With this new series we introduce some changes which, we hope, will help to improve the quality and presentation of the mathematical contributions to the journal.

The journal RACSAM publishes, in English language only, two issues per year collected in a single volume. In addition to high quality Research Articles, each issue may contain short papers (Preliminary Communications) of no more than six pages, particularly useful to announce results, containing at least sketches of the proofs. We will also publish Surveys in every mathematical field.

The contents of each issue of RACSAM will cover: Algebra; Applied Mathematics; Computational Sciences; Geometry and Topology; Mathematical Analysis; Statistics and Operations Research.

RACSAM Journal is indexed in Journal Citation Reports Mathematics (since 2009), Mathematical Reviews, Scopus, Zentralblatt für Mathematik, ICYT (Science and Technology) from Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) and Latindex Catalogue.