Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
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The Library of the Royal Academy of Mathematics, Physics and Natural Sciences was founded in 1847 thanks to the generosity of the former Academy of Natural Sciences of Madrid, which handed over not only the minutes, reports and other scientific texts that were products of their labors, but also the books acquired during the  thirteen years of that Academy's existence.

Afterwards, thanks to the programs for exchanging publications between the Academy and diverse entities both in Spain and abroad, and to the important donations made by the Academic Fellows throughout the history of the institution, the bibliographic collection of the Library is made up of over 27000 volumes (books and pamphlets), some 5000 titles of periodicals as well as diverse materials such as manuscripts or maps.

Outstanding among the donations mentioned are  the endowments of Don Mariano Lorente, Don José Echegaray, Don Manuel Becerra, Don Fernando de Castro, Don Armando Durán and Don Joaquín Catalá.  Included in the catalogue is a collection of antique books (prior to 1801) composed of more than 1000 volumes dating from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth centuries, and a collection of 1345 volumes on the history of science given by the Juan March Foundation.

The Royal Academy of Sciences has made important efforts  to complete its collections and acquire new bibliographic material in the scientific field, particularly that related to the history and philosophy of science.

The Academy’s Library is integrated into the library network of the Spanish National Research Council as an associated library. Most of the Library’s collection is included in the CSIC Bibliografic Catalogue, which is accessible through internet.
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